Digital Signature (DS) is a cryptographic protocol suite for ensuring the authenticity of digital messages or documents, commonly called an electronic signature. A valid digital signature on digital message or documents is similar to a physical signature as was used to done before. This ensured that the message was created by a known person. Use of signature leads to efficiency by saving time on digital signing of document rather than signing in physical and waiting to get it delivered. It’s a future generation tool which ensures authencity, integrity and non-rupidation of the documents digitally signed. It is increasingly used nowadays for completing almost all statutory compliances like for Income Tax Purposes, Service Tax, Companies Act, filing of tenders, etc. The same signature can be used for different purposes making it cost effective. Arranging Digital Signature is one time activity and we have strategic tie-up to get it done hassle free for our clients. We also arrange door stop services for collecting documents required for DS application.

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